Friday, 6 December 2013

Singapore SCBWI Christmas Celebrations 2013

Singapore SCBWI 2013 Christmas Celebratory Dinner

Some of the Singapore SCBWI crowd got together last night for a Christmas dinner and a great time was had by all.
We enjoyed a sumptuous buffet at the Merchant Court Hotel, Swissotel and not only did we eat, drink and be very very merry, we also reflected on our year and celebrated our collective achievements.

We put our heads together, sharing our writerly highlights for the year and came up with the following statistics.

 2013 we managed to ;
get 12 children's books published
sign another 9 books with publishing houses ready for release in 2014
hold 10 book launches
critique each others work and make significant progress on over 50 different manuscripts
win 2 moonbeam awards
get shortlisted for the red dot award (aside neil gaiman) and the crystal kite
sign with agents, sell foreign rights, have books adapted into plays
travel to hong kong, shanghai, australia, kuala lumpur and london for various conferences, book fairs and workshops
get published in magazines
work on creative projects such as murals, canvasses and Asian content bibliographies 
hold more than 120 school talks at over 70 schools
host dinners with visiting authors Wendy Orr, Sally Rippin and Jacqueline Harvey
and attend the amazing Asian Festival of Children's Content

And these numbers don't include the other 30 members of Singapore SCBWI that were unable to attend the dinner. Some pretty impressive highlights and statistics for a group that started three years ago with a small but enthusiastic group of only five members.

Any SCBWI member will know what I mean when I say that SCBWI is a truly special organisation. Full of creative, passionate and inspiring people who welcome, encourage and support each other through the ups and downs of our creative endeavors. 

Singapore SCBWI has become like family to me. 2013 has been amazing, last night was heaps of fun  and I look forward to sharing the journey together in 2014.