Sunday, 21 July 2013

Proud Mum Moment #1 Rapunzel Not

This story came home from school and I am so proud of Sian's hilarious and well written tale that I had to share. What a proud writerly Mum I am! Love the title, well developed characters and the clever plot twist at the end. Still smiling :-)

Rupunzel Not

By Sian Carvell (aged 8)

Once upon a time but not very long ago there lived a beautiful princess called Rupunzel. She lived in a castle behind a hill with her maid. Way out in the city lived a prince. He was ordinary but lonely.

One day the prince was out riding a troll and he found Rupunzel's tower. The prince did not know that Rupunzel was deaf. So the prince said, "Let down your hair.' So Rupunzel let down a chair. 

"No," said the prince, "Let down a rope." So Rupunzel let down a billy goat. "No," said the prince. 

"Oh it's pointless. Ah I know ..."

"Rupunzel PLEASE let down your braid."  So Rupunzel let down her maid.

The prince fell in love with the maid. And they all lived happily ever after.