Sunday, 21 July 2013

Proud Mum Moment #1 Rapunzel Not

This story came home from school and I am so proud of Sian's hilarious and well written tale that I had to share. What a proud writerly Mum I am! Love the title, well developed characters and the clever plot twist at the end. Still smiling :-)

Rupunzel Not

By Sian Carvell (aged 8)

Once upon a time but not very long ago there lived a beautiful princess called Rupunzel. She lived in a castle behind a hill with her maid. Way out in the city lived a prince. He was ordinary but lonely.

One day the prince was out riding a troll and he found Rupunzel's tower. The prince did not know that Rupunzel was deaf. So the prince said, "Let down your hair.' So Rupunzel let down a chair. 

"No," said the prince, "Let down a rope." So Rupunzel let down a billy goat. "No," said the prince. 

"Oh it's pointless. Ah I know ..."

"Rupunzel PLEASE let down your braid."  So Rupunzel let down her maid.

The prince fell in love with the maid. And they all lived happily ever after.


  1. That is brilliant. BRILLIANT. Well done, Sian.

  2. Thanks heaps Bec, Sian is thrilled to have so much encouragement from here and fb - and thanks for the retweet. I'm trying to understand how twitter works lol